Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is an important task, but it is also one of those tasks that are usually forgettable. Many homeowners have stayed years without cleaning their ducts and vents, something which can pose some hygiene problems around the home. Not cleaning your ducts will often result to pollutants getting into the home. Harmful substances like molds, microbes and fungus will be gotten rid of after duct cleaning.

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Some more benefits of duct cleaning are as follows:-

Improved Air Quality

Dirty ducts will of course affect the quality of indoor air, but the subject of the decreasing quality of indoor air resulting from dirty ducts is one that has been argued a lot. However, the truth is that duct cleaning is a healthy exercise and will not cause any harm. There are definitely high chances that it will increase the quality of air in your home.

Things To Understand

It is important to remember that there might be sections of your duct system that may not be reachable during cleaning. Also note that there might be the presence of a mold-like substance which in reality might not actually be mold.

Let an expert establish that so that you can know what you are dealing with and the best way to rid your ducts of the substance. In case you have those insulated ducts, know that in case the insulation gets moldy or wet, cleaning might not be the best option, a replacement would be better. Then remember to remove the conditions encouraging mold growth so that you can avoid repeat replacements.

Also note that vermin like insects or rodents are known to inhabit air ducts and you will no doubt find a thick layer of dust or debris that often gets released into the home. Before carrying out any duct cleaning, determine the dirt in the air ducts and causes, then correct them to prevent the dirt problem from recurring.

Longer Life for Your Unit

Reliable research has suggested that duct cleaning results to improved efficiency of your cooling and heating system which will also contribute to serving its purpose for a long time. You will also save on maintenance and repair costs because dirty air ducts are known to cause problems when it comes to the operation of air conditioning system.

Proper Cleaning Methods

Wrong cleaning of air ducts might actually have detrimental results. Taking consumer precautions seriously would save you a lot of problems especially when it comes to the use of chemicals. You might be well meaning in trying to kill all those germs and fungi in the ducts using a chemical biocide but you might also face serious health effects when a leak into your home occurs.

The bottom-line however, is that duct cleaning is a healthy exercise just do it the right way; enlist the services of a professional if you can’t do it well yourself.

Duct inspection camera, we will be able give before and after duct shots.

Germicidal fogger. After the ducts are cleaned this sprays a germicidal solution to encapsulate any dust that we could not remove.

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