Symptoms of a Furnace Tune-Up

Symptoms of a Furnace Tune-Up

All furnaces have an average lifespan and are expected to last before they need a replacement. A modern furnace may last for around 20-30 years if properly maintained.

However, there are times when your system may need a tune-up. You may have to look for the signs or symptoms that indicate the system needs a check-up from a technician specializing in furnace repair in Newark, DE.

A tune-up is the best preventive measure for a furnace before it breaks down completely.

Symptoms Your Furnace Needs a Tune-Up.

A furnace tune-up is necessary more than once to ensure the appliance functions efficiently around the year. Here is a breakdown of symptoms to look out for, indicating that your furnace needs a tune-up.

• Inefficient Home Temperature

If your furnace faces problems bringing your home up to the temperature set on the thermostat, it is a significant sign that the appliance needs repair. HVAC repair in Newark, DE, say a faulty furnace cannot keep a comfortable home temperature that may lead to noticeably colder or hotter rooms.

• Foul Odor

If your furnace produces a bad smell when heating the home, it signals an interior problem that must get fixed immediately. It can be due to faulty wiring or a component that needs to be repaired.

You must consider calling an expert technician to determine the reason behind the smell and tune up the furnace, if necessary.

• Dust Buildup

If your home seems dustier than usual, or you notice dust particles falling from the air vents, your furnace likely needs to be cleaned.
You need to contact a technician specializing in HVAC repair in Bear, DE, to determine the reason behind the accumulation of dust and debris in the system.

• Unusual Noises

You may be familiar with the sounds a furnace makes when turned on or off. However, be ready for a furnace tune-up if you hear strange, disturbing noises from the system. You may look out for the following noises that hint that it requires an immediate check-up:

1. Grinding
2. Grating
3. Hissing
4. Clanging
5. Groaning
6. Loud humming

• Increased Utility Bills

Your utility bills may be higher than usual at specific times of the year. However, if the bills increase suddenly for no apparent reason, especially during winter, it signifies your furnace needs a tune-up.

A furnace must run efficiently with a predetermined amount of power. HVAC repair experts in Newark, DE, says the furnace may require slightly more power if it is old or a faulty component in the AC system.

• Inefficient Air Pressure

When the air from the furnace is not hot enough, one or more parts of the appliance may have worn out, damaged, or broken. You can choose a furnace tune-up if you notice such symptoms to replace the parts that may have caused the problem with air pressure.

Bottom Line,

A furnace tune-up service can increase the efficiency and performance of the furnace system. Moreover, it can increase the furnace life and add years to your furnace system.

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