Five Ways to Get Your Air Conditioner System Ready For the Summer

Five Ways to Get Your Air Conditioner System Ready For the Summer

You must give your air Conditioner system some tender loving care so it is summer-ready before turning it on. Regular maintenance is a good habit because it results in a properly functioning system, a healthier home environment, and lower energy bills.

Fixing the unit before turning it on will increase efficiency and save you money on unexpected air conditioning repair in Newark, DE, if your air conditioner system fails during the season.

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Steps to Take to Prepare the Unit For the Summer.

Learn about your system first. To perform routine maintenance or to communicate problems to the experts, it is imperative to be familiar with the essential components. There are two main units in a central air conditioning system.

An evaporator is mounted on the air handler or furnace, and a condenser is typically outdoors. With refrigeration technology, these two extract heat from the surrounding air. 

The air handler circulates the cooled, dehumidified air throughout your home’s rooms via ductwork:

  • Filters: These limit how much dust is released into the atmosphere.
  • Ducting: Round tubes in the ceiling distribute cool or heated air to the rooms.
  • Thermostat: A small box is mounted close to the indoor unit, allowing you to adjust the indoor temperature.
  • Registers: These are the roof or floor grilles that produce air into your home or return re-heated air to a room.

Safety Comes First

Constantly turn off the power supply before performing any maintenance on or near your air conditioning system. A 240-volt weatherproof isolation switch for the system is placed close to the outdoor unit. 

Also, turn off this. Allow around 30 minutes for the charge to disperse before starting maintenance. Always take extra care when handling electrical components.

Replace Or Clean The Filters

Some units have disposable filters, while others have washable, reusable filters. Filters you can use again should be washed or replaced with new ones. 

Additionally, clean or replace your filters at least once per month during the summer.

Examine and Maintain The Ducting

You probably know where the air conditioning ducts that deliver cool air are located, but because most ducts are hidden within ceilings and walls, a professional should clean your ductwork

Repairing ducts enables your air conditioner to function as an enclosed system, increasing its energy efficiency and ability to keep your home cool.

Install A Smart Thermostat

If you have a manual thermostat system, it’s time to replace it. Using programmable thermostats, you can schedule specific temperatures for various times and days of the week.

It also provides programmable scheduling, but thanks to its sophisticated computer algorithms, you can optimize every cooling cycle. Many smart thermostats in Middletown, DE, use GPS to time cooling cycles based on your location.

Contact Professional HVAC Services

When you contact professional service, a technician will arrive to perform a thorough inspection and ensure that all systems are operating as intended. 

Your air conditioner will be prepared to keep you cool this summer if you do this. Your air conditioner will run more effectively and cost-effectively if you perform routine HVAC maintenance.

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