When Should I Replace My Air Filter at Home?

When Should I Replace My Air Filter at Home?

The performance of your air conditioner largely determines the air quality in your home. Change your home’s air filters regularly to keep your system running smoothly and the air you breathe as pure as possible.

HVAC units run more efficiently when the air filter is cleaned by HVAC repair in Bear, DE. Knowing how frequently you should change your air filter will make it easier for you to remember to do so.

 It’s your job as a homeowner to make sure your air filters are working properly. Replacement of your HVAC system is an absolute necessity.

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Factors That Determine When to Replace An Air Filter

The frequency with which you should replace the HVAC system’s air filter is an important consideration. How often you should change your air conditioner’s air filter depends on the following criteria:

Size of Your Home

The size of the home determines how often to update filters. Large homes circulate more air through the furnace or AC.

 The filter may get dirty faster and need to be replaced more often. Smaller homes’ HVAC systems move less air, requiring fewer air filter replacements.

Type of Filter

Better air filters collect more pollutants and stay longer. Follow the filter manufacturer’s replacement recommendations and make modifications based on consumption and home occupants.


People and pets in your home affect air quality. A single individual without pets will replace air filters less often than a family with kids and pets. Pets can contribute dander to your home’s air and carry dust, pollen, and grime indoors.


Changing your air filter depends on the season. Your HVAC system will run less often in the spring and fall, so your filter won’t get as dirty. The filter traps more pollutants throughout the heating and cooling seasons.

Timings to Change the Filters

On average, air filters should be replaced every 90 days. To avoid increased energy costs, replace your air conditioner’s filter every 30 days with a lower-cost fiberglass filter

Change pleated air fibers every six months if they’re high-end. You should replace your air filter every six weeks if you have respiratory disorders because they make you more sensitive to airborne pollutants.

A collapsing air filter might cause air to float around it, preventing it from being filtered. 

If your filter isn’t working properly, it can harm your health and create breathing problems, especially for individuals who already have these illnesses in their system. HVAC companies in Wilmington, DE, can assist you with this problem.

Perks of Routine Filter Replacement

A clogged air filter can hurt your system’s performance. As a result, regularly checking the condition of your air filter can be advantageous.

  • Better indoor air quality
  • Fewer pollutants
  • Prevents allergies
  • Prolong unit life
  • Fewer repairs needed
  • Better efficiency
  • Clean ductwork
  • More cooling
  • Uses less energy
  • Eco-friendly

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