What is the Cost of Installing a Central Air Conditioner in Wilmington, DE?

What is the Cost of Installing a Central Air Conditioner in Wilmington, DE?

If your current AC fails to cool your house and you want to invest in a new system, it is better to calculate the expenses beforehand. The installation costs can have you spend an average of $5000. It can go down to $3000 for smaller units, $8000, and more for larger units with add-ons. Contact D&T Heating & Cooling for AC installation in Middletown, DE, for the best prices.

Factors that Vary the Price of Installing a Central AC

It might look easy, but the installation of a central AC comes with a lot of variables. Therefore, before you decide to get a central AC installed, consider the following points.

Capacity and Size of the Unit

The size of an AC does not mean its physical dimensions but indicates the cooling capacity and efficiency. It refers to the heat an air conditioner can remove in a defined time frame. Getting the right size is necessary because if your AC unit is too small, it will not provide sufficient cooling. Similarly, if the unit is oversized, it will keep short cycling- cooling the house too quickly and then turning it on and off.

In continuation, your house won’t be dehumidified properly, and AC will suffer wear and tear. Thus, hire a reliable HVAC contractor in Bear, DE, to perform calculations and find the right sized unit taking account of all the variables.

Pre-Installation Assessment

Every house is unique, and so are its air conditioning needs. Therefore, before you buy an AC, it is better to hire an HVAC expert who can evaluate what kind of insulation, ducts, vents, and SEER rating your house needs. It is an essential prep step that saves you from surprises in the future. Once you pay for this assessment, you will get all the right particulars leaving no end for issues.

Ducts and Vents

When you install a central air conditioning system, know that ducts are an inevitable part of it. If your house is new construction, you might have a full flourished ducting system in your basement, so no worries. A bit of renovation will work enough. However, if your house is old, you need to install ducts and vents, which might add up to around $1000 on average to your installation cost.


It is a lot of work to install a central AC system. Your labor costs might be elevated based on the size and orientation of your house, including the add-on costs. However, you can ask your HVAC contractor to evaluate the overall expense for cost reduction.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) Rating

SEER rating refers to the maximum energy efficiency of your AC unit. It is a ground criterion for most cooling appliances. As per expert recommendation, a higher SEER rating means higher energy efficiency, which amounts to a higher purchase cost. It ranges from a minimum of 13 to 22, so you can ask your contractor about the estimated costs and potential savings each year.


During installation, your HVAC contractor will provide options for a warranty. It includes a warranty from the manufacturer that suffices for physical damage to your unit, while the labor warranty covers the cost of repair and replacement for those parts. Choose the one that fits your needs best.

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