Why Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner or Furnace Before 2022 Ends?

Why Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner or Furnace Before 2022 Ends?

HVAC systems are designed to provide year-round comfort, whether it’s cold outside or hot inside. Even if your air conditioner is broken, replacing the appliance that’s out of order is tempting, even if the furnace is still functional. However, even if one of your heating and cooling systems is still operational, replacing both can save you money and energy in the long run.

HVAC equipment is in higher demand during the summer, especially in hotter regions. Most contractors welcome an increase in air conditioner demand, but supply shortages make it difficult to meet customer expectations. For an AC company in Wilmington, DE, dealing with a backlog of dissatisfied customers is a new problem to contend with.

Why is it A Good Idea to Replace Your Air Conditioner or Furnace Before 2022?

Supply chain disruptions and shortages in HVAC are persistent problems. As a result, businesses will be unable to meet demand in the near future and possibly become a long-term problem.

Until the year 2021, the shortages are expected to persist. As small shipments begin to arrive, they are often taken up quickly. The situation is new to the HVAC industry, which has never had a problem with equipment supply. The HVAC market’s shortages reflect the construction industry’s supply and cost challenges.

What Has Caused the HVAC Shortage?

Many factors can delay the installation of your new air conditioner or furnace; among them:

Shortage of Components

Copper, steel, aluminum, and plastic are the materials in short supply for HVAC equipment construction. Car, smartphone, and washing-machine manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the demand for semiconductor chips.

Supply Chain Disruption

The supply chain and HVAC contractors are both impacted by rising transportation costs. Timelines for delivering critical equipment to businesses and their technicians are being extended due to delays caused by bottlenecks in shipping and air freight delivery.


Every industry feels the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including the HVAC supply chain. As employees fall ill or need to take time off, HVAC equipment manufacturers find it increasingly difficult to find enough workers to meet demand.

How Can You Prepare For This?

It is advised to be as proactive as possible when it comes to your system if you want to avoid being without air conditioning this summer. Routine maintenance by HVAC repair in Wilmington, DE, can be provided to your HVAC system in advance and promptly.

Maintaining equipment by performing simple maintenance, such as changing filters, can help you avoid more costly repairs that require equipment that is harder to come by. Because it doesn’t necessitate the purchase of new equipment, replacements, or add-ons, maintenance service is a viable option.

D&T Heating and Cooling Can Assist You

Getting a head start on a new or a replacement installation is a good idea. At D&T heating and cooling, we aim to provide our customers with the best possible service at an affordable price as quickly as possible. Contact us online or call (302) 838-6905 if you need assistance with HVAC repair in Bear, DE.