6 Types Of Air Conditioners For Your Homes

6 Types Of Air Conditioners For Your Homes

Buying a new air conditioner is a significant investment in your home which should be carefully selected. But how to choose the best one for your house? It’s enough to confuse a grown man for evaluating your Air conditioner size, energy efficiency, cooling requirements, cost, quality, and all of the other elements of any air conditioning unit. We’re here to make the process simple and straightforward so that you can make the best decision for both your home and your money. You can even approach an HVAC company in Wilmington, DE, to save some time.

Keeping in mind that every consumer has different needs, there are six types of air conditioners:

Window AC

Since window AC are available in various sizes, they would be useful if a single bedroom or a small area has to be cooled. If you buy a higher capacity window AC, it will be capable of cooling even a small apartment space. From the beginning, window AC has been identified as an excellent cooling machine for smaller spaces and are the most popular air conditioner type.

Ductless split AC

Given the small interior units of these systems, every room has its unit used for either heating or cooling. Such AC is considered far more energy-efficient than some of the other available options in the market. It will get pretty expensive if you intend to place one indoor unit in each room for your entire home. 

Central AC

If you live in a big residence and want to cool several areas at once, you should use a central air conditioner. This type of air conditioner uses a split system that controls the air in your home via conduits. Such air conditioners are also called ducted systems. We highly recommend you consult with AC companies in Wilmington, DE, before purchasing a central AC because of its complex and costly nature.

Hybrid AC

Hybrid Air conditioners alternate between fossil fuel and electricity to minimize energy consumption. In hot summers, the heat pump works as usual by drawing heat from your house and distributing it outside. In cold winters, your hybrid heat pump system operates the other way around, draws heat from the outdoors, and re-distributes it inside.

Portable AC

As the name suggests, it can be moved from place to place. It can be placed standing on the floor, and it is easy to plug and play with. On the negative side, it makes a lot more noise than a conventional AC.

Geothermal heating and cooling

It is a new revolutionary technology that is gaining attention worldwide since it is an eco-friendly alternative to conventional HVAC systems that burn fossil fuels. This system simply transfers heat from the earth to your homes in winters. In summer, remove the heat from your homes and deliver it to the ground.

Although it is good to have the information, it is better to consult a professional HVAC technician before you make your move. D&T Heating and Cooling service is a reliable AC company in Wilmington, DE. Contact them at (302) 838-6905 for a consultation.