Heat Pump Systems

Heat Pump Systems

Heat Pump Systems

Instead of using a conventional central air conditioner, you may invest on a heat pump system which is much more energy efficient and would put much lower load on your power bills.

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Heat pump systems are like HVAC units, with the technology of heating or cooling the inside air of a building where the pump is set up with full apparatus. The installation of a heat pump needs many items. With proper installation the heat pump can reverse its function as per the need of the interior or the climatic changes. When the outer air of the building is hot the pump would utilize its mechanism to extract heat from that outer air and inject that heat to the inner air to balance the inner coldness. Again when the outer air is of lower temperature, the heat pump would extract inner air heat and transfer that to outside.

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A heat pump works by transferring heat instead of generating heat

The simple reversal of mechanism of the heat pump to change the direction of heat transfer makes it an ideal unit for heating and cooling the interior air just like an HVAC unit. Heat pump systems are ideally suited for average temperatures where temperature elevation and drops are not extreme or sharp. That’s because a heat pump does not generate heat by burning fuel, and rather transfers heat from one place of higher temperature to another place of lower temperature.

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Parts in a heat pump system

The major parts in a heat pump system are two. One is the indoor unit, which is called the Air handler. Another is the outdoor unit, which looks like a central AC, and is called the Heat Pump. Between the indoor and outdoor units, there are the refrigeration lines which contains refrigerant in a coiled system. There are two ducted lines, one to extract the hot air from the interiors, and another to send cool air inside, and the function of the duct lines reverses with climate change. There is a thermostat in the system, which controls the temperature.

How the heat exchange takes place?

In the winter the air outside is warmer. The cooler air inside is sucked in by the duct pipe, and then this air is made warm by the heat extracted from the outer air. And then the warmed air is sent back to the interiors. In the summer, the hot air inside is sucked up, and made to pass through a refrigerant which is cooled by the cold air outside. And in this way the inner air gets cooled and sent back to interiors.

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