Should You Replace Furnace and AC at the Same Time?

Should You Replace Furnace and AC at the Same Time?

The choice to replace a furnace and air conditioning system at the same time is one that homeowners frequently face. Most people are not required to install both simultaneously and can schedule for HVAC repair in Wilmington, DE.

It can be tough and expensive to replace the furnace and AC unit simultaneously. However, consulting an expert is the best way to provide clarity and help you make the decision that is best for you.

Why Should You Replace The Furnace And AC Together?

You can replace your furnace and AC system together simultaneously if both are more than ten years old and working inefficiently. Here are some reasons that support the decision:

• Lower Energy Bills

Your energy bill will decrease if you replace both your heater and air conditioner at the same time. Your annual heating expenditures could decrease by contacting D&T Heating and Cooling, the HVAC companies in Wilmington, DE, to replace your old furnace with a new, high-efficiency one.

• Improved Air Quality

Additionally, a new furnace and air conditioner installed simultaneously can provide you with a cleaner environment. Poor air quality can cause family members health issues, so investing in a high-quality HVAC system is better.

• Improved Comfort

If you are delaying upgrading the outdated HVAC systems because it is working for the time being, there is no guarantee that it will not break down in the middle of the season. It is best to call our professionals in HVAC repair in Bear, DE, to inspect the HVAC systems and know whether you need to replace them to maintain your comfort.

• Save Money And Time.

You might get a discount if you purchase both AC and heating systems simultaneously. Moreover, you do not have to spend much time researching different HVAC units if you replace them at the same time.

• Efficiency

It is best to have the same efficiency rating heating and AC system in your home to ensure that all the HVAC systems run efficiently.

• Repair And Maintenance

A combined replacement of your furnace and air conditioner will reduce future maintenance requirements. You’ll spend less money and have fewer HVAC repairs in Wilmington, DE.

When Is It Not Advisable To Replace Both At Once?

Only if your furnace is less than 10 years old do you not need to simultaneously replace your air conditioner and furnace. Furnaces often last twice as long as air conditioners; you can utilize the furnace for a while as long as you go for HVAC repair in Bear, DE, to keep them in good condition.

Another case when you should consider replacing both HVAC units is when you have different efficiency rating HVAC systems, which last longer than the other. It is essential to have both HVAC systems with the same efficiency levels to maintain your energy bills. Ensure your AC system has a SEER rating of more than 16 and the furnace has an AFUE rating of more than 90%.

Bottom Line

If you wish to replace your furnace and air conditioner, D&T Heating and Cooling can help. We are one of the best HVAC companies in Wilmington, DE. Whether or not you choose to replace both units simultaneously, we offer the best and high-quality services. Call (302) 838-6905 and schedule an appointment today!