Spring Maintenance for your Air Conditioner

Spring Maintenance for your Air Conditioner

Your HVAC system consumes the most electricity during summers. According to some reports, it accounts for about 60% to 70% of your energy bills. So regular maintenance of your air conditioner can save you a lot of money. And the best time for an AC check-up is in springtime, when HVAC technicians are pretty much unoccupied, unlike in summers.

Some tips to help you do it by yourself: 

Replacing Air Filters

It can significantly affect the health and efficiency of your air conditioning system. After the air filter is obstructed, your air conditioner utilizes more energy. Change your air filter every month, particularly when you have dogs in your home. Dogs shed a lot of hair and tend to block the air filters.

Clear the Condensate Drain

A clogged drain pipe can overflow the drain pan of your Air conditioner. In addition, drain pipes can be obstructed by dust, rust, fungus, and other waste. Add a solution containing 50 percent bleach with 50 percent water to your access point to ensure that your condensate drain is free from algae and mold. You could even purchase a solution available at any local hardware store or an HVAC contractor in Bear, DE.

Remove Obstructions

Ensure that the outdoor unit of your HVAC system is not clogged with branches or leaves. Remember to ensure that your outdoor unit is at least 2 feet away from any plants to prevent it from happening again. You may want to keep the outdoor unit hidden using the plants and shrubs but trust me, it will reduce the lifespan of your air conditioner and the quality of air by introducing a lot of allergens in your home.

Clean the Coils

To perform efficiently, the exterior evaporator coil must be cleaned regularly. You can purchase a coil cleanser online. Or you can use a homemade solution by taking some dishwashing soap and mixing it with distilled water to clean the evaporator coil.

Check the Ducts

It is common to find drooping or ripped ductwork after prolonged use. Check to see if your ductwork is not showing such traits. Has your ductwork been fixed by a good AC contractor in Wilmington, DE, to boost the efficiency of your air conditioner?

Check the Refrigerant Level

Your system will be less efficient if you use too much or too little refrigerant. Make the necessary adjustments to the refrigerant levels of your air conditioner. Make sure the refrigerant lines are well insulated and in good shape. Replace it if it is missing or broken. If it is confusing, contact an AC repair in Newark, DE.

Check the Wiring

After prolonged inactivity, the electrical wires may have loosened or, even worse, disconnected. You want to look for such faulty connections before turning on your HVAC system. It is surprising how much harm can be caused by such a small-looking wiring fault.

HVAC maintenance can be a tiresome task. However, you can simply give a call to an air conditioner repair in Wilmington, DE, like D&T Heating and Cooling, at (302) 838-6905 for a quick maintenance check.