Are You Dealing with Faulty Contactor?

A contactor is an electrical device that you can use to switch an electrical circuit on and off. Contactors have three components- the contacts, electromagnet, and enclosure. A circuit usually controls them with a lower power output than the switched circuit.

Contactors are an integral part of air conditioners. If your contactor goes terrible, your air conditioner won’t cool properly, and you may end up having hot and cold spots throughout your home.

How to Tell if You Have a Bad AC Contactor?

Air conditioners with faulty contactors cannot go through cycles (short-cycling) to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Here are some common bad AC contactor symptoms.

➢ Your system does not turn on at all.

➢ You hear a buzzing noise whenever you turn on your system.

➢ Your system makes a loud, clicking noise.

➢ Your system turns on but does not turn off quickly.

If you notice one or more of these signs, reach out to an experienced AC contractor in Wilmington, DEas soon as possible.

Testing an AC Contactor 

If your system makes a humming or chattering noise, test your contractor to see if it is the source of the problem. Follow these steps to test your contactor.

➢   Turn off the power to your AC: Your safety comes first. To prevent electrical hazards, shut down your unit at the thermostat and breaker level.

➢   Remove the side cover: Remove the side cover of the condenser. You will see multiple-colored wires connected to a black rectangle positioned vertically. That is your AC’s contactor.

➢   Take pictures: Take pictures of the contactor and corresponding wires from different angles, so you will know how to reconnect them.

➢   Remove the contactor and wires: Unscrew the contactor. Once you have removed the contactor, proceed to remove the wires.

➢   Test the contractor: To test your AC contactor, first set your multimeter to the OL setting and then connect it to the low volt terminals. If the reading is between 5 and 20 volts, your contactor is working correctly. If you get a lower reading or no reading at all, your contactor is faulty and needs a replacement.

Why Should You Not Try to Replace a Faulty AC Contactor Yourself? 

If you try to replace a faulty AC contactor yourself, you could end up injuring yourself or void the warranty. If you commit a mistake, things may get from bad to worse, and you could end up spending a ton on expensive repairs.

Frayed wires or a tripped circuit could cause your contactor to fail. Your air conditioning repair expert will get to the root cause of the problem and eliminate it.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Running Constantly?

Is your AC running constantly without cycling on and off as frequently as it should? When the temperature soars, it’s common for air conditioners to run continuously. But if the non-stop AC cycle is accompanied by an increase in the utility bill, you may want to consult an AC contractor in Wilmington DE.

The problem may seem benign at first but can cause long-term damage to the unit if it remains unresolved. There are many factors responsible for this phenomenon. Some of the common ones are as follows:

Variable Speed AC

Variable-speed air conditioners are different from single-speed ACs as they keep running at a lower capacity to keep your house cool. They offer a wide range of speeds but are very energy efficient. Therefore, if your air conditioner is running constantly, you may want to check if it’s a variable speed AC. If this is not the reason, you should contact a qualified HVAC company that offers the best air conditioner repair in Wilmington, DE.

Undersized Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner is undersized, it will experience extra strain to produce desirable cooling. The right size of an AC as per your requirement is determined by your home’s size and layout. If the AC is too small, it will have to run constantly to meet the thermostat temperature. If the issue not resolved quickly, it can cause overheating, putting the internal components at the risk of premature wear and tear.

Oversized Air Conditioner

If you have recently got your air conditioner replaced or installed, chances are that you might have opted for an oversized unit. This can also lead to short-cycling, which causes hot and cold spots in the house and makes the air muggy. In such a case, it’s good to rely on professional advice. Let an AC contractor in Wilmington, DE diagnose the exact problem with your system.

You would be surprised to know that more than half of the heating and cooling systems are installed improperly in the United States. Therefore it is necessary to trust the experts.

Lack of Maintenance

Experts suggest that central air conditioners should be inspected at least once a year in order to keep them efficient and functional. The process of AC maintenance includes deep cleaning of the unit, which prevents the build-up of dust and debris. If not cleaned, debris restricts the airflow and makes your air conditioner run incessantly to cool your house.

Ignoring timely maintenance of your heating and cooling system often leads to cost-intensive HVAC repair in Wilmington, DE. Therefore, contacting experts for AC service immediately is a smarter choice.

Similarly, there are several other technical problems that can result in air conditioners running continuously. These include clogged filters, dirty coils, faulty blower motor, and extreme humidity.

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