Types of Heating Systems

Types of Heating Systems

When the temperature falls, it’s common to turn on the heating system to ensure your house stays warm. Selecting the appropriate home heating system will ease the load of your thermostat, conserve energy, and require fewer furnace repairs in Wilmington, DE.

Certain homes are equipped with multiple heating systems, especially those with a basement or a room that is heated by a different method than other rooms in the home.

Types of Heating Systems.

Furnace (Forced Air Distribution System)

When you have a furnace, the air is forced through a set of ducts. It circulates warm, conditioned air across the house. According to HVAC repair in Newark, DE experts, gas furnaces are well-known heating systems as they are forced-air distribution systems used by your air conditioner in the summertime.

Boiler (Radiator Distribution System)

Boilers are another popular heating device. They circulate steam or hot water through pipes for heating. According to furnace repair in Bear, DE experts, this allows you to use zoned cooling and heating; however, they are more costly to put in and are more expensive to operate.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating sends hot water or electric heating through tubes on the floor (occasionally within the walls or ceiling). The heat is generated by gas, oil, propane, or electricity. Although this radiant distribution method may last a while, repairs can be costly when a problem occurs.

Heat Pump

You can use your heat pumps to cool and heat the house. They utilize refrigerant and electricity to transfer heat rather than create it. According to furnace repair in Bear, DE experts, they are usually better; however, they are most effective in mild climates where temperatures seldom dip below freezing.

Baseboard Heaters

Hot water baseboard heaters (natural propane, gas fuel oil, electricity, or both) are a new method of radiant heating that is highly efficient. According to HVAC repair in Newark, DE experts, a central boiler helps the systems heat water, which flows through a network of pipes that supply low-profile baseboard heaters.

Bottom Line

Understanding which is the best for your needs can aid you in saving time and money in the future. Contact D&T Heating and Cooling if you’re still unsure.

Our skilled and trained experts will be able to provide you with the information for various types, models, and designs, allowing you to determine the best energy use. Call us at 302-838-6905 or send us an email for furnace repair in Wilmington, DE.