What Are the Most Ordinary Causes of Air Conditioner Failure?

What Are the Most Ordinary Causes of Air Conditioner Failure?

You might not think in depth about your AC as a homeowner, but you need to. Failure of an AC system can have several causes. The causes of AC system failure can range from aging or internal damage. However, AC users need to be aware of the clear signs of AC failure so they can contact an AC contractor in Wilmington, DEin time and always enjoy a comfortable interior environment.

Here Are Common Causes of AC Failure

Ignoring Yearly Upkeep.

The performance of your air conditioner depends on annual maintenance. An authorized technician can notice potential issues before they arise. Your air conditioning system should be checked, and the coils need to be cleaned as part of your yearly maintenance. Your manufacturer’s warranty might void if you neglect to maintain your system. Contact your nearest AC contractor in Wilmington, DE, and get it checked at the earliest.

Ice is Frozen on the Coil.

Your AC system’s air flow issues might be brought on by dirty air filters or clogged ducts resulting in a frozen coil. To avoid a frozen coil, it’s recommended to keep your ductwork clean and change your air filter regularly. Contact an HVAC contractor in Bear, DE, and get your AC system inspected at the earliest.

Refrigerant Leakage.

Refrigerant leaks should be fixed and recharged by a qualified technician because leaks are harmful to the environment. Your air conditioner will not working properly if your refrigerant level is low.

Internal Components Might Be Damaged.

An underlying problem, such as dirty coils, low refrigerant, electrical issues is frequently the cause of an air conditioner compressor failure. Annual maintenance frequently helps you discover worn and broken parts. Get your AC inspected by an HVAC contractor in Bear, DE, and resolve the issue before it’s too late.

Fuse Failure.

When your air conditioner system breaks down, one of the first things you should do is check your circuit breaker or fuse. Replace the fuse or reset the breaker after 15 minutes to allow your air conditioner to cool. We suggest calling a qualified technician in this situation if neither of these options resolves the issue. It’s possible that you triggered a high-pressure limit switch, and this might further damage the system.

Defective Thermostat.

Your air conditioner can cycle on and off repeatedly or not function at all if your thermostat isn’t operating properly. Then, perhaps, it’s time to look for a new thermostat and get your AC fixed as soon as possible.

You should contact an air conditioning specialist if you’ve looked into these problems and haven’t found the source of your AC’s problems.

How can an AC issue be identified?

To identify and fix an issue with your air conditioner:

  • Verify the thermostat’s settings.
  • Look for debris and obstruction in your air filter.
  • Check the breakers on your circuit.
  • Check your outside unit for any debris or obstruction.
  • Examine your air vents.

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