What’s Wrong with My Furnace?

What’s Wrong with My Furnace?

If you happen to turn your furnace on after a long time, but no heat comes out, you may have a problem. The issue could be due to dirty air filters which are culpable for restricting airflow, frequent cycling, poor wiring, or issues with the ignition or pilot light to name a few. If you are seeking HVAC repair service in Newark, DE contact D & T Heating and Cooling for immediate repair.

Common Furnace Issues

Here are a few of the most frequent furnace issues. In certain instances, you’ll require our skilled technician for HVAC repair in Bear, DE:

• Frequent Cycling

Normally, the furnace turns on now and then to regulate your home’s temperature. If your furnace keeps switching off and on, it could indicate a blocked air filter or a blower motor problem. If you don’t take care of it, the problem could lead to your furnace blowing cool air.

To fix the issue, begin by replacing the air filter. If the issue persists, it’s appropriate to consult our expert for heating services in Wilmington, DE.

• Poor Wiring

Incorrect and worn-out wires may break the connection between your thermostat and the heating system. It could result in the interruption of your service to a large extent. To fix this issue, you should fix the loose connections and then make the replacements you need. If you do have doubts, you can count on the assistance of our trained heating technician.

• Ignition Or Pilot Light Issue

A broken pilot light or ignition switch can prevent the heating unit from turning off, making your home extremely cold. It can be due to an unclean flame sensor or a malfunctioning safety switch. Our HVAC repair in Newark, DE, can repair the heating system’s start mechanism and help get your heating back to normal in your home.

• Cracked Heat Exchanger

If your furnace isn’t properly maintained, cracks could form within the exchanger with time. It could allow carbon monoxide gas to escape your home, putting your family and yourself at risk.

• Dirty Burner

The burner won’t let the gas out and warm your home if its opening is blocked. As a homeowner, you’ll be able to determine if your furnace works efficiently when the pilot light appears blue. Any other color indicates the presence of burned debris and dust. There is also the sound of the burner smoldering. Instead of cleaning the burner yourself, call our HVAC repair in Wilmington, DE, to deal with the issue.

• Thermostat Problems

A problem with your thermostat could affect how your heating system operates. Sometimes the problem can be a dead battery, a bad connection, or an incorrect setting. In other cases, the issue may be related to the calibration settings or the wiring.

• Blower Belt Replacement

Do you hear a loud, high-pitched sound through your furnace? Most likely, it’s the belt from the blower fan. Sometimes, the belt slips out of its place, and our technician will fix it. However, wear and tear can impact the blower fan belt over the years, needing replacement.


If your furnace struggles to function efficiently, do not hesitate to contact an accredited and licensed HVAC company like D & T Heating and Cooling. We have the tools and know-how to find the root of furnace problems in minutes. Call us at 302-838-6905 or email us to book an appointment for heating services in Wilmington, DE.