When Do Air Conditioners Require More Refrigerant?

When Do Air Conditioners Require More Refrigerant?

Air conditioners are essential for maintaining a cool and comfortable indoor environment during the hot summer. These systems rely on refrigerant, a special chemical compound, to remove heat from the air and provide refreshing coolness. However, over time, air conditioners may experience refrigerant leaks or gradual loss of refrigerant, which can compromise their performance and efficiency.

At D&T Heating and Cooling, our professionals can perform refrigerant recharges on AC units. We can evaluate your system and determine if it needs additional coolant. Our technicians are experienced with all makes and models of air conditioners so that we can provide reliable services, including AC repair in Bear, DE, no matter your unit. Call us today for more information.

Understanding The Role Of Refrigerants

Before diving into when air conditioners need more refrigerant, let’s briefly understand the role of refrigerant in the cooling process. The HVAC system uses refrigerant, which is a chemical compound that takes in heat from the indoor air and moves it outside, leading to a drop in temperature inside.

It undergoes a continuous cycle of compression and expansion, changing its state from a gas to a liquid and vice versa. During this phase change, the refrigerant is able to extract heat from the indoor air and release it outside, resulting in a cooling effect.

Here are some signs that you may need more refrigerant:

• Warm Air Blowing

Insufficient refrigerant in your air conditioner can result in warm or lukewarm air blowing instead of cool air. The refrigerant plays an essential role in absorbing heat from the air, and when there is not enough refrigerant, the cooling process becomes inefficient.

 If you find out your AC is blowing warm air, it’s a strong indicator of low refrigerant levels. Contact D&T Heating and Cooling for professional assistance in addressing this issue and restoring the cooling performance of your air conditioner.

• Insufficient Cooling

Insufficient cooling may indicate low refrigerant levels in your air conditioner. When there isn’t enough refrigerant, the system struggles to absorb heat efficiently, reducing cooling capacity and discomfort in your space. If you notice your AC running longer than usual or failing to cool adequately, it’s likely time to check and address the refrigerant levels.

• Ice Formation On Evaporator Coil

Excessively little refrigerant can result in the evaporator coil getting excessively cold, forming ice. If you notice frost or ice buildup on the indoor coil, promptly addressing the issue is essential. 

Operating the system with ice on the coil can damage the compressor and other components. Our experienced D&T Heating and Cooling technicians can diagnose the cause of ice buildup and provide the necessary air conditioner repair in Wilmington, DE.

• Frequent Cycling

Frequent cycling of your air conditioner, with short on-off cycles, may indicate low refrigerant levels. When the system lacks sufficient refrigerant, it struggles to reach the desired temperature, causing it to cycle continuously. This constant cycling puts strain on the components of the AC and results in increased energy consumption.

Maintaining proper refrigerant levels is essential for your air conditioning system’s efficient and reliable operation. Being aware of the signs of low refrigerant levels allows you to take prompt action and avoid more significant problems.

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